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What are the details of a session? What is needed?

  • A session is 1-hr and can be attended by up to two people.
    If there are two people attending it is ideal to work on sharing features like shared calendars, notes, reminders and lists, and app sharing.
  • Bookings are available within the next 3-4 weeks.
    If this timeframe does not work for you, please email me to schedule a session.
  • Online Sessions are via FaceTime
    Apple's FaceTime allows us to share screens with one another to help faciliate learning and troubleshooting. This means I will get access to your screen so we will do troubleshooting and training directly on your device.
  • FaceTime Requirements:
    - An iOS device with iOS 7 or later OR
    - an iPad (iPad Pro, iPad Mini, or iPad 2 or later) OR
    - Mac with OS X 10.9.2 or later with built-in or connected microphone
    - Your WiFi speed must be 5mbps or greater

What is a session structured?

A session can be structured in three different ways depending on what you're looking to accomplish.

  1. Freestyle: We can just dive in and see where the session takes us. You will still learn a ton as we delve into your device(s).
  2. Tackle your list of annoying things to fix: see next question
  3. Specific topics based on how you want to use your device better. Not sure where to start? See question "What can I learn?"

I've got a list of annoying things that I would like to troubleshoot. Can we tackle this list?


What I can learn?

*you can choose from this list on the booking form. These are the various topics we can cover. It all depends on your preferences for how to best use your device(s) and whether or not you want to take advantage of Apple's powerful sharing and collaboration features.

  • Apple device optimization: settings, features, and functionality
  • Apple device interoperability: between your own devices and others
  • Family Sharing or Parental Controls
  • iCloud settings and services
  • System settings audit; focused on privacy settings and battery optimization
  • Recommendations for new Apple devices
  • Optimizing using stock Apple apps (Reminders, Notes, Calendar, Home, Mail)
  • Becoming best friends with Siri, who can do so much for you
  • Apple Health: tracking medications, sleep, weight, exercise, nutrition, heart rate and so much more; plus medical records
  • Apple Home automation: lights, locks, security cameras, pet monitoring, music, sensors, blinds, switches, plugs
  • Have annoying multiple Apple ID accounts? We'll fix that-
  • Preparing an old Apple device to be sold or traded-in
  • Find My Network & Airtags: tracking Apple devices, people and stuff
  • Photo Roll management and optimization
  • Photo & video editing
  • 3rd party accessory recommendations
  • 3rd party app recommendations based on your needs
  • Apple Services: Music, Fitness+, Apple TV+, iCloud+, News+, Arcade

What about non-Apple stuff? Can you help with that?

Yes! I am an expert at the following things that work very well within the Apple ecosystem.

  • Dead Wi-fi zones in your house? I'll help you obtain whole house Wi-fi with no extenders
  • Virtual banking with a focus on multi-currency accounts for international travel and living
  • Password Management can suck. I'll fix that for you. Either using Apple's built-in password manager or one of the excellent third party apps.
  • Instant (no typing) Wifi Password access for home, businesses, or rental properties using a QR code.
  • eSIMs: Two SIM cards on one phone, great for international travel. Keep your current SIM and add an eSIM for where you are traveling.
  • Wearables (in addition to the Apple Watch) for tracking biometrics and health monitoring such as rings, heart rate montitors, etc.
  • Watching content from your home-based streaming service(s) in other countries using a VPN. For expats or frequent travelers who want to watch geographic-restricted content when away from their home country. Such as Hulu and others streaming services.
  • Streaming devices like Apple TV, Amazon Firestick or Roku

Are there any products or topics you can not help with?

Yes, there are. I do not cover:

  • Any devices running Android, Microsoft, or Open Source operating systems, with the exception of the following streaming devices: Amazon Firestick and Roku
  • Physical repairs to your Apple device(s)
  • Cell phone carrier issues
  • Hard drive reboots
  • Apple Time Machine issues

In-Person Sessions

To book an in-person session click here. Please only book an in-person session if we met in person recently. This is because I am semi-nomadic and usually not in the same place for very long. In some cases, in-person sessions can take place in your home if you are wanting assistance with setting up home automation with Apple's HomeKit. Otherwise, in-person sessions will take place in a quiet public location such as a coffeeshop. After you book an in-person session we will decide on a place to meet.