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Steven Shewach

Pause of the Paws in Search of La Dolce Vita

Our petsitting adventures consistently pique people's interest. For the first time in five years, we're pausing the paws this summer and fall season. Instead we’re searching for La Dolce Vita. Big shifts are underway. What are your upcoming Big Shifts? And....can I help you start or achieve them?

Steven Shewach

Test Product Review

A streaming stick is an essential item for any weary nomadic traveler needed some chill time. I switched from an Amazon FireStick to a Roku 4K Stick for this crucial reason.

Steven Shewach

Pet Sitting Around the World, Our Tails and Tips

We're professional petsitters. We sit all around the world as part of our travel and adventure lifestyle up to six months per year. Here we cover the basics. Other posts go into more detail about how to be successful petsitters.

Steven Shewach

Nothin'...... A Recipe for Life

Shef Shewach, at the young age of 4 years old, drops some philosophical wisdom. Could it have been a prophetic recipe for life? Or just a snarky kid foreshadowing his anti-authority, anti-establishment ways?

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