I'm a multi-passionate creator, consultant and educator. A multi-passionate is a person with multiple interests who has difficulties settling on a career. Good, I don't want a career anyway; I've had three completely different ones already. A big part of being a multi-passionate is that it's like swimming upstream. The very nature of it defies nearly all traditional entrepreneurial and business frameworks, most significantly to focus on one thing; and one thing only.

Nope. Not gonna do that. Can't do that.

I'm passionate about quite a few things.

And more importantly, I'm also an expert at them as well.

This seemingly disparate groupings of passion and expertise do have one broad, yet unifying theme. ??????

Below are some of the initial services I'm offering.

Apple Guru - Your Own Personal Apple Genius

Men's Health Consulting - Longevity, Vitality, Fitness, Relationship