You are on this page because we recently connected with you and discussed our pet sitting lifestyle and the worldwide membership platform we use for getting the sits. We thought you may be interested in learning more about it; most likely as an "Owner" but possibly also as a "Sitter"—or both.

Either way, check out the rest of this page to learn more, see our profile and get access to our Referral Link to get 25% off your first year's membership.

About Us

We have pet sit all over the world, meeting incredible people and falling in love with their pets time and time again. The membership platform we use is called TrustedHouseSitters where we have 5-star reviews for every pet and home sit completed. It's like Airbnb for petsitting.

We've completed sits in Costa Rica, Germany, Argentina, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, Scotland, Portugal, France, Switzerland, and the USA. Including multiple sits in numerous countries. While we often have repeat clients, we're always looking to connect with new Owners to sit for.

Check out our profile to see our reviews and get a feel for how the platform works.

Joining TrustedHouseSitters

If you think it's a good fit for you, and you decide to join, use the referral link below to get 25% off your first year's annual membership—and we’ll receive two months extra added onto ours.

There are three membership levels (Premium, Standard, and Basic) for the following categories:

  • Sitter
  • Owner
  • Combined

We have “Basic Sitter” (since we only sit and do not have pets of our own) and it works perfectly well for us year after year.

Here's some pics from our sits.