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Taming Topics

  1. Technology Taming
  2. Personal Space Taming
  3. Mind Taming
  4. Time Taming
  5. Man Taming
  6. Personal Finance Taming
  7. Relationship Taming
  8. Travel Taming

Why Me?

Between my four careers, two degrees (BFA in Media Arts and MS in Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Leadership), and an asskickingly amount of bold living, I’ve gotten pretty good at some stuff and know a bunch of things that I’ve kept to myself way too long. They’re a nice mix of tactical, spiritual, social, financial, and environmental.

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Taming Topic Descriptions

Steven Shewach - Coaching Call | TidyCal
Coaching Call
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1. Technology Taming

This is one of my absolute favorite areas of fun and expertise. I’ve loved technology my whole life, following in the footsteps of my father who was a tech wizard. My specialty is Apple* device integration using the cloud (iCloud and other services) and Apple device optimization. Think of me as a roving Apple Genius. Technology, when leveraged well, enhances your life rather than making it a source of frustration. *Apple devices only.

  • Password Management — This is a game changer. I can transform your relationship to passwords forever and help you make them your b**tch.
  • Going 100% Paperless & Digital — I went completely paperless and digital several years ago (it’s amazing).
  • Moving Everything to the Cloud — protect your data and move your life to the Cloud.
  • Family or Couple Sharing and Integration — including calendaring, notes, lists, photos.
  • Apps — It is not an exaggeration to call me the App Master. I will show you apps that can save you time and money; including getting paid apps for free or at discounted prices.
  • Short-cuts & Repetitive Task Automation — autofill shortcuts, automated email filtering, message and email reply automation.
  • Home Automation — using the inexpensive technology of IoT (internet of things) home automation is now available to everyone. Imagine lights, locks, shades, sprinklers, video cameras (great for checking in on your pets) — all controllable from your iPhone or iPad; whether you are at home or away from home.

2. Personal Space Taming

Seven years ago, I nuked my life. I sold everything I own; including my 3 bedroom/2.5 bath, 2-car suburban Portland home, along with everything inside it, and my car. I did this all in a span of three months. While this may not be in your plans, I am a true minimalist and can help you declutter your home or office — or get rid of everything; whatever your speed, getting rid of stuff is unbelievably liberating.

  • Stuff Ridding — This is my specialty. I will help you emotionally, spiritually and physically get rid of stuff and your attachments to it. And make money while doing it.
  • Downsizing—Clutter making you crazy? Ready to move to a smaller space and not sure how everything will fit? It won’t. You need to get rid of stuff. I can help.
  • Interior Space Life Flow Optimization — When I was a kid, I would rearrange my bedroom so often my mom would come in to say good night and not know where the bed was. I have a true knack for space utilization.
  • Home Management — Here I can help you setup a system to track your stuff, especially high value items, with warranty information, keeping track of manuals. Along with systems for seasonal maintenance schedules.
  • Home Event Management — I can throw a helluva dinner party with every detail considered. Especially with my event production experience from many of the jobs I’ve held, I can help you get organized; so organized you’ll be able to take a nap right before your guests arrive.
  • Home Organization — Shelves & storage, systems, record keeping, product warranties.
  • Home Renovation — I did a kitchen and master suite renovation at my house using my knowledge as a project manager at a construction company to be my own general contractor and save tens of thousands of dollars with no change orders and iron clad contracts.
  • Interior Design — I’m happy to consult with you on starting from scratch or augmenting your existing design.
  • Interior Lighting Design — This is a specialty area of mine and I absolutely love how lighting can transform a space. Check out the lighting I had in my house; most of which I installed myself. https://flic.kr/s/aHsjP9hW97

3. Mind Taming

This is a huge one for me. I’ve been working on mind taming for a long time now and have made great strides in the last five years. I integrate Buddhist philosophy, neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and plenty of love and compassion. Anything discussed is private and confidential.

  • ZoU — the Zone of Uncertainty™; Learn to live in the ZoU and watch awesome things happen in your life.
  • Curtail Mind Spinning
  • Mindset Shifting

4. Time Taming

I know my life is rather atypical in terms of the amount of free time I have, but it is intentional. There’s a reason why I have a master’s degree in recreation and leisure studies. It’s serious stuff for me. Time, whether we realize it or not, is a human concept and absolutely can and should be tamed. I can help you both in mindset and real-life techniques for taking your time back. This is all part of my movement called Slowiness™

  • Productivity hacks
  • Life Streamlining
  • Slowiness™ — stop wearing busyness as a badge of honor.
  • Work-life balance

5. Man Taming

Another of my deep passions; helping men not be assholes. I do this by helping men open their hearts, be vulnerable and transparent, and shed the ridiculous masculine stereotypes that induce angst, fear and anxiety. This is my life’s work, and I am committed to dismantling patriarchy. Anything discussed is private and confidential.

  • Anger Awareness & Management
  • Man Dating: helping men find and cultivate deep, soulful friendships with other men. This is one of the cures to MLS — Male Loneliness Syndrome™
  • Relationships: Committing or Splitting
  • EAT: Emotional Agility Training
  • ART: Accountability & Responsibility Training

6. Personal Finance Taming

I was twelve when I had my first job; my mom had to get a special permit for me to work legally. From that time until 2011, I have always worked and managed my money with diligence and creativity. And I’m 100% debt free.

  • Credit card hacking
  • Budgeting
  • FinTech (Financial Technology) & Investing — access to commercial level investing at the individual level (i.e. fractional real estate investing)
  • Cashless Living
Steven Shewach - Coaching Call | TidyCal
Coaching Call
Let's do this! Schedule your Taming Training session now.

7. Relationship Taming

I’ve been divorced twice. While I’m still looking for the ultimate relationship, I’ve learned so much about how to flourish in a relationship. I can help you to identify and heed ‘red flags’, how to show up in a relationship with unwavering integrity and transparency.

  • Stop Fighting Forever — seriously! I can teach you how to stop fighting with your partner—forever.
  • Becoming the Ideal Partner (also applicable if you’re single)
  • Use Your Partner—and the relationship itself, as an accelerant for rapid personal growth.
  • Power Sharing — how to equalize the power dynamics within a relationship

8. Travel Taming

It’s coming up on seven years since I became fully nomadic. I’m an expert traveler and can help you with all things related to short and long-term travel.

  • Luggage, Equipment & Technology
  • Clothing & Pack Lists
  • Planning (Logistics, Medical, Finances, Itineraries)


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